First Time for Everything

Something that made me smile.
Something that made me smile.


This is my first blog post. Blog-diary post. I’ve had diaries before– the kind with silver keys, the kind with spiral spines, the kind written in the margins of homework and on the white space of a napkin (if you count that as a diary)– but I’ve never completed one. I start them optimistically and excitedly, thinking that I’m going to be a regular writer. You know, pour my feelings onto the page. And it does start that way. I fill up a couple of pages quite impressively, and it really looks like I’m doing something. But then a thing happens in my life or in me that I do not think I will do justice to if I tried to write it out, and when that thing passes, I forget why I needed the diary.

So what makes me think I’m going to keep this one? Well, I don’t know. Like the top of this page says, maybe I just need someone to talk to. Or maybe I need to find something to talk about. Whatever the reason for my writing, I will begin optimistically and excitedly as always. Every Friday when I am in my most euphoric mood of the week, or oftener, I will tell you what happened/is happening to me. If something happened, you’ll know. If nothing happened, you’ll know that, too.

Whether or not you’ll want them, you’ll get the pieces of me that I am desperate to share.