I don’t know

The dog slips under the fence.

The fence falls all over itself.

I peg it with an entity of teeth.

My teeth fall all over.

Fall out of.

My head is out of step with.

Its elastic rhythm.

It won’t snap back.

It is a long way down.

The dog scrapes his back trying to get under.

It is the color of coffee that burns your tongue.

It squeezes itself out of sight.

It is nine o’clock at night.

Someone is howling and wolfish.

He’s got a grin like pitch black.

Lips pulled back and voice rumbling coal.

I have nothing to say to it.

It has no reason to be.

It calcifies anyway as broken bone.

Or broken spine.

The dog is slippery and hides.

Out of sight, I see him loud.

As if through sharp and flat grass.

I’m not ready to dive.

I’m not equipped indeed.

I tell you what you already know.

No weapon formed against me.

Me shall prosper.

Me shall scrape and stretch my neck.

Me shall break my back underneath.


Might us flit into night sky?

Might us wanderlust?

Wonder: what lust we might lust.

What see we see, might come after or before we?

What scale we scale?

What life we life?


To crack.

The bowl like an egg.


Admirably vulnerable.

I can’t turn my back.

I can’t turn back.

I won’t.

I want.

I water my needs.

I wear down.

It’s a long way.

If you can get up.

A tall order.

Remember it only takes a posthaste.

To fence you in.

Membrane by membrane.

Post by post.

Hate to haste.

But time.

What time?

Does comb.

What comes?

My hair.


My doorstep is littered with blades of grass.

But you already know.

How much I need.

To bear witness.

Left to right.

Length by width by candlelight.

If there is valley, I’m there.

If there is death, I’m there.

If there is shadow, I’m there.

Or elsewhere.

Or everywhere.



Keeping my eyes peeled.

For further developments.

For sly dogs slithering.

For children weeping like wolves.



How forward of me.

To assume my everywhere eyes.

I see only what I understand.

To exist.

Sí, sí, sí.

Claro pero si.

Si…quand…je n’existe plus.

Je ne devrais pas être surprise.

Que la vie continue.

Sans moi.

Sans mes yeux.

Sans mon cou.

Sans ma voix.

Qui chante.

Dans la nuit.

Sur les nuageux.

I am afraid.

Of cloud cover.

Those hands.

That hide me.

& retreat.